Visual Overdose no Overbrand

What your customers or potential customers think about your company reflects the impression they have in their minds about your company. This impression is created by your product positioning, client servicing, your attitude towards customers and society in general, your marketing campaigns, third party sources such as newspaper articles etc. This impression is called corporate identity.

While the corporate logo helps people remember the company it stands for, it does not help in creating an identity for your company. It is your actions and your conduct as a company which decides how you are perceived.

Clearly, corporate identity has a major role to play in strategic matters. Corporate identity everytime, everywhere.

Corporate identity is reflection of what a company is and how it is perceived by outsiders. It is the set of values and principles held by the firm. It is also the way these values are communicated – whether verbally, in writing, visually in the form of marketing and third party media, or graphically as corporate logo and brand colors. All these elements together project the image of the corporation – its corporate identity.

One more dose for improve your visual component from communication:

Togheter with  Arch. Cristina Serban decided to create a corporate visual identity and by interior design too. Arches, tiles, angles, lighting, colors, textiles, furniture, work space, recreational space, height, perspective views on key visual.

For many years the job of an interior designer had to do with decorating living or business spaces by using the appropriate selection of furnishings, lighting, floor and window treatments, artwork, and the use of color.

For the most part, these are the primary functions of interior designers but recently the tasks of interior designers have expanded to architectural aspects such as planning for interior detailing, the placement of windows, stairways, escalators, and building renovation elements.

All starting from the logo, visual identity of the company be retrieved both customers and employees. This means overdose of vitamine for healthy development, no deadly overbranding.

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