• Sigla,
  • Monogram,
  • Blazon,
  • Mascot,
  • Emblem,
  • Medal,
  • Logotype,
  • Commercial flag,
  • Heraldica
For Mascot illustration we use a freehand draws with graphic pen, chalk and charcoal, pen and ink or lettering pen. We scanning the drafts and send you an e-mail with our proposals. After you decide which masque is representative, we will transfer in digital art and work in volume (3D).
  • 3 Basic logotype concepts
  • 15 Revisions divided into 3 stages (we receive your suggestions between stages)
  • All the rights to the final logo we created belong to you.
  • AI(Adobe Illustrator),CDR(CorelDraw) and EPS(Encapsulated Post Script) - formats for professional printing, such as business cards/ letterhead/ folders or brochures
  • JPEG, PNG and GIF - formats for web site graphics and office printing (i.e. embedded in MS-Word, MS-Excel and MS-PowerPoint documents)
  • Additional graphic formats are available
  • Delivered by E-Mail or downloadable from our File Server or delivered on CD support with complementary card.

  • 7-Day average turnaround.
  • Initial drafts delivered within 48 hours

Stationary Packages

  • Business Cards,
  • Letterhead,
  • Envelopes,
  • CD covers,
  • Post-it
  • BTL / Promotions

Combinated Packages

This package was created for individuals, small and startup businesses that are looking for a professional logo with a Stationary Set included at a very competitive price: 300 €.
  • Letterhead design(2 basic concepts - 4 revisions).
  • Business card design (2 basic concepts - 4 revisions) 5 named designs with contact information.
  • Envelope design (2 basic concepts - 4 revisions).
  • AI or CDR formats for professional printing;JPEG- format for web site graphics; GIF - format commonly used in local printing, such as in MS-Word, MS-Excel and MS-PowerPoint documents.
  • Delivered by E-Mail or downloadable from our File Server or delivered on CD support with complementary card - Printing and web formats.

  • 5-Day turnaround.
  • Layout only - printing not included

Standard Sets


Major Logogram Design Set

It expands the creative scope of the Minor Package service (at first service above), as more designers are assigned the creation of initial drafts and further revisions. The result is that you will get a wider variety of initial styles and refinement possibilities for your firm's image.
  • Starting at 5 Basic logogram concepts from which you provide us with feedback to guide us to the final design.
  • 20 Revisions divided into 4 stages (we receive your suggestions between stages).
  • AI, CDR andEPS - formats for professional printing, such as business cards/ letterhead/ brochures or folders
  • JPEG and GIF - formats for professional printing, such as business cards/ letterhead/ brochures or folders
  • Additional graphic formats are available, free of charge
  • Lifetime logo design file storage
  • Delivered by E-Mail or downloadable from our File Server or delivered on CD support with complementary card

  • 9-Day average turnaround
  • Initial drafts delivered within 48 hours

  • All the rights to the final logo we created belong to you.

  • Please get the file (.pdf) of each kits for advanced logo design and preview trade mark’s documents for recording at OSIM (RO) or WIPO. We put the Value of Signs and Symbols because we create an enhanced and unforgettable trade marks.

  • Graphic Style
  • Web Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Point-of-Purchase Displays
  • Promotional Graphic Design
  • Fine tunning of Signs
  • Volumetric Design / 3D Draw
  • Sell Sheets
  • Direct-Mail Flyers
  • Presentation Packages
  • Product Catalogs and Brochures
  • Booklets
  • Marketing Bulletins
  • Training Manuals
  • Consumer Guides
  • Information Packages
  • Corporate Communication Documents
  • Newsletter layout
  • typing content from manuscript = 12 €/page
  • desktop publishing = 40 €/hour
  • pre-press = 40 €/hour
  • secondary pages at layout website = 80 €/page
  • additional layout concept, creative design = 70 €/hour
  • Project Management
  • Draws and Trade Marks
  • Visual Communications
  • Visual Awareness Strategies
  • Graphic Design Counselling
  • Design Training Programmes
  • Design Audits / Analysis
• starting at 1600 €/month, for at least 6 months
  • Copywriting
  • National and Local Advertising
  • Retail and POP Materials
  • B2B and B2C Communications
  • Trade Advertising
  • Magazine Advertising
  • Newspaper Advertising
We are not famous copywriters. We are not employers to include David Ogilvy, William Bernbach or Leo Burnett in our team. Our prices is average 30 €/hour. I.e.: Two pages of content in magazine or journal, only text format, without photos or adpress in layout, for less 300 €.

• copywriting is the use of words to promote a person (naming), business (branding), opinion, or idea. Although the word copy may be applied to any content intended for printing (as in the body of a newspaper article or book), the term copywriter is generally limited to such promotional situations, regardless of media (as advertisements for print, television, radio or other media). Our customers get copywriting for his goods or products.

• on websites, copywriting may also refer to content writing for the purpose of achieving higher rankings in search engines. This practice includes the strategic placement and repetition of keywords and keyword phrases on webpages. Known as "organic" search engine optimization (SEO), it is best done in a way that does not distract, bore or confuse the human reader.
Achieving optimal results is something of an art.

  • Product Design and Product Development
  • Graphic Design and Communications
  • Industrial and Engineering Design
  • Packaging
• packaging and engineering design must interact with Research and Development, Marketing, Graphic Design, Planning and so on. The package must sell and protect the product, while maintaining an efficient, cost-effective process cycle. All steps along the manufacturing process, and more, must be taken into account in the design of the package for any given product.

Casting and Shooting on demand

  • Nature,
  • Objects,
  • People,
  • Cityscapes

Enhanced photo

  • Image Retouching
  • Photographic Montages
  • Collages

Business PhotoStock

  • Shared copyright

Objects: 500 - 1000 €/day*, ~300 shots;

People: 300 - 800 €/day*, ~150-200 shots;

Landscapes, Cityscapes: 500-800 €/day*, ~450-500 shots. (*) For trips outside Bucharest there will be an Extra Fee for Acommodation, Transport and Daily allowance for 2 persons.

12 €/hour; For each digital image editing are included features: Layers (separate elements that make up a combined picture); Image size alteration; Cropping an image; Histogram analyse; Noise removal; Removal of unwanted elements; Selective color change; Image orientation; Perspective correction and distortion; Lens correction; Sharpening and softening images; Selecting and merging of images; Change color depth; Contrast change and brightening; Color adjustments; Pre-press for printing.

• copyrights assignment lifetime

• rights to use for any projects(print or web)