d'Avid was hired to create a corporate identity package for us. We have been very happy about the whole process and d'Avid has done a great job. I will not hesitate to use him again and I can with no doubt recommend d'Avid Boutique.
Razvan Dragnea, B.O.Administrator, Profesional Birotica, RO.

Having native communication skills, d'Avid understanded our vision and brought us the most appropiate elements in creating our graphic identity. d'Avid has designed an astonishing visual identity for Advanced Media Production, which made us different and special. Having native communication skilss, has understanded our vision and brought us the most appropiate elements in creating our graphic identity.
Radu Trandafir, Creative Manager, Advanced Media Production, RO

We were looking for a graphic/web designer who could understand our creative ideas and express them through our website. Being design professionals, we did have some really specific ideas and a critical eye for details. Mr. Burcovschi soaked up all the information and ideas we gave him and came up with a layout that incorporated our vision for the website.
He was very receptive of our suggestions, gave us his input on the web design and created a website that reflects our company. He is a dedicated professional, who understands the needs of the client.
We have got positive responses and compliments on the website from our existing and potential clients. We recommend d'Avid Boutique because of their creativity, their professionalism and their competitive prices.
Ciprian Iordache, Managing Partner, Digitalmond International, RO

d'Avid Boutique agreed to help our non-profit organization update and brand our existing website for free. We'd like to express our appreciation for d'Avid Boutique who quickly assisted us in developing a bold logo and banners for our website. d'Avid responded to our request accurately and met our needs in a very short period of time. We thank you!
Gabriela Florea, President, Danubius NGO, RO

Dear team from d'Avid,
We at Today's would like to thank you for all your hard work in designing the visuals for "Building the future" campaign. It really was an enjoyable experience from start to finish. Ciprian is great to work with & if he say they'll do something, you can relax in knowing it'll get done - & on time.
Let me tell you - Ciprian always thinks "unlimited" and in my opinion, only a highly creative company could develop a campaign that incorporates a layout website, impactful print ads, original artwork, and the potential or extraordinary word-of-mouth.
Once again please let me thank you for all your efforts in designing and launching the campaign which we are truly proud of.
Kind Regards, Marius Lazarescu, Online Marketing Today's, Links Group, RO

d'Avid (Boutique) was more than creative: it was a coach. It helped Cap Conseil to meet Cap Conseil, meeting with our promises, our purposes, our symbols... it helped us to know ourself, to discover ourself. In this moment we build the future togheter on biggest testing site: Branding.
Bianca Maratu-Veaute, Managing Partner, Cap Conseil, RO

We are delighted about the quality of artwork and the time of delivery. We recommend the (d'Avid) boutique for the acurracy of the layout and chromatics. Excelent outsourcing of our communication department engaged as graphic designer on marketing visual support.
Doina Iliescu, Communication Manager, Eximbank, RO

We had been looking for a way to create an Internet presence for our company for a long time, before contacting d'Avid, but all prior attempts had failed. After the first contacts with Mr. Burcovschi, it became clear that, with his aid, our goals could be achieved. Throughout the project he exhibited impressive creative abilities, unflinching professionalism and an uncanny ability for anticipating and satisfying our needs. Based on our experience with d'Avid, we wholeheartedly recommend them as the solution for any artistic woes.
Alexandru Voicu, B.O. Administrator, Compil Pipera, RO

I've met Ciprian while preparing the promotional materials for an APD project whose goal was to promote the Millennium Development Goals. It was a pleasure to work with such an insightful and creative person. It was a pleasure and a success of working with d'Avid Boutique.
Ana-Maria Mosneagu, Executive Director, Pro Democratia NGO, RO

d'Avid have been instrumental in developing ROMINVENT Agency into the 21st century, with a fantastic website, many visual communication supports and full technical support for our offices. We would recommend d'Avid Boutique to all our clients, without question, due to their design and technical skills in all areas of the creative industry.
Ion Mocanu, General Director, Rominvent Industrial Property Agency , RO

d'Avid Creative Boutique are a great agency who are not only flexible, efficient and professional but a group of people who really care about delivering results for you.
Daria Oprea, Local Communication Manager, Gazprom Petrol Stations, RO

We would recommend Carbon Creative as not only were they a pleasure to deal with we were very impressed with the Design, Artwork and layout options provided and the extremely quick turnaround of our Business flyers and cards.
Melissa McClain, Global Communications, Tyco Fire Protection Products

They're aptly named as they are always very creative and their 'green' credentials chime well with our own environmental aims. The service is also fast, friendly and very cost competitive!
Olga Ramchasky, Executive Director, Automotive PR

Ciprian is open to understand the scene of your activity and interests and ready to project the right scenography for you to reach your achievements. His collaborative ideas and work might lead you to a nice experience for everyone's benefit. I recommend you to lean on Ciprian's suggested directions and consider him as your partner. You'll have nothing to lose but only to win together: you, him and your clients!
Cristina Serban, Managing Partner, hulsta studio, RO

I have worked with Ciprian to reinvent my site and re package my books. He is so incredible creative and sharp when it comes to execution. People tell me how my site looks professional and how fabulous are my books. When I work with Ciprian, our results have my touch. I am represented.
Ioan Nicut, Inner Alignment Catalyst, Author, Speaker and Storyteller